Alone Like a Rolling Stone

Transfer Cruise from Portugal to Italy Part 4


Gurrachu was behind us. We had left the comfortable Marina around 12:00pm. Previously, diesel was bunkered so the tanks were full again. Wind was once again none present and the weather forecasts said only, if at all, from north-east. I set the course to Cabo de Palos, which we reached late at night.

Meanwhile, the wind was refeshed again to 7 Bft. and a dashing wave spoiled us the dinner. The traffic separation area around the cape was getting closer and we tried to keep clear of it, which was not a major problem, except that in these areas in the Mediterranean Sea obviously always a huge traffic prevails and therefore you have to take care a little better than usual, otherwise occurred nothing Special.Neither of us could sleep in the short wave, so we watched the ships around us until early in the morning. The next day started and the weather calmed down slowly. Meanwhile, we were far out, course Ibiza. The wind turn east and we sailed again for a while. Unfortunately, the repeatedly discussed statement that a Cat is not very high on the wind, was confirmed. To top it all, there was an accident on board when Gaby did not pay attention for a moment and was thrown from the tree into the corner. That could have been different. In a mono, the cockpit or the deck would have gone out and Gaby would certainly have gone overboard. Here on our Katinka the cockpit is quite large. Nevertheless, it was a painful affair which then affected the rest of the trip, but we were glad that no more than bruises had happened. After the first shock and first aid, the brain began slowly to think again and in the middle of the water there is a lot of time. Many things come to mind, from what could have happened, to what is now. As I said, you have a lot of time at sea. By the way, this is an experience that does not exist in the everyday life of a department manager and that you have to learn again.
I sat in my chair, as suddenly the time came round, I grabbed her and tried to hold her, deep wounds cut into the flesh and she broke away again. Since then I never try to hold on the time again but use it to live.
So it was time again, the time was there and some things shot through my head.The thing with the unpaid bill of the berth by the previous owner, annoyed me still massively, especially I was sure that I would never see the money again. Such people ride this trick and wind their way through life. Too often I had to deal with such clientele and now once more. Gaby worried me, the pain was quite big. I tried to look after her as well as possible. Peter will probably have to sleep on the beach for a day, because we probably will not make it in time in this weather conditions.
Dolphins! Whenever the animals turn up we call dolphins! We love these animals and we always happy when we see them and they jump beside the boat and dive under the boat.

By now we had already covered over 500Nmi since Portiamo. Ibiza was in front of us and I would like to anchor in a bay. But by now it was clear that if we drive through we will arrive in Mallorca in time. We reached the beacon Es Penjats in the early evening opposite Es Palmador. The two islands form the passage between Formentera and Ibiza. While Formentera is almost dark, the city of Ibiza shines like a Christmas tree. In the early evening many ships are still on the move trying to reach their harbor. We drive along the south coast of Ibiza and set course to the Cap de Xaloc in Mallorca.