Alone Like a Rolling Stone

Transfer Cruise from Portugal to Italy Part 6


270Nmi to Loano then we made it. The wind is still favorable and we sail towards the French coast.
This part of the Mediterranean Sea has no name and I realize why, nothing is going on here, the shipping traffic as good as not available. Up to the coast, which we reached on the evening of the second day after our departure from Mallorca at the height of Iles d'Hyeres, we met three ships, not much, but we had a lot of fun and time passed. One thing seems to me worth mentioning: right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea we hear violent noise from behind and at the same moment a Learjet flies in about 100m height and about 10-15m distance over us - wanted to see what we do - or of course it was the customs or the Coast Guard. 

 It was night and the firing to Cap Benat is to be described as sparse. We left Cap Ladier and Cap Tailat on the port side and navigate to Cap Camarat. The lights of Sant Tropez shine over to us. The Cote d'Azur is completely obstructed here and the coast to San Remo brightly lit. Past Cannes and Nice we reach Monaco early in the morning.

 The Italian border and San Remo lay ahead of us. In the meantime we already had a 5m high wave, but the whole crew got along well. Obviously the seasickness had been overcome, which certainly had to do with the fact that it was only 20Nmi to Loano, our destination port. We sailed between the coast and Isola Gallinara and got the nozzle really to feel. 29 knots was exactly the right thing for the many kiters and surfers who showed up in front of Albenga, but we would have relinquished so shortly before the finish. Right behind Albenga we took the sails down and drove under engine the last bit to Loano. I tried to reach Porto Loano via Channel 9, but to no avail, so we docked at the gas station and tried again. In the end we were finally heard and assigned our berth. 
 After registration and completion of the usual paperwork a shower and then a dinner with a good bottle of red wine was announced. I was looking forward to a longer sleep phase than the otherwise Maximum 4 hours and I was glad to have survived the 1065Nmi well, except for the described injuries. The catamaran has proven to be a stable and safe ship. Certainly there is still much to discover and many things can be done better. We look forward to do it, but will be do it more comfortable in the future. Here at this side we will keep you up to date. We looking forward to your feedback and that you check it out from time to time.