Alone Like a Rolling Stone


Seppltag is called the holiday here, which still exists only in strict Catholic communities. Thats fine with me, it gave me a long weekend, which I used to perform on the boat the inevitable spring work. At least the plan. Unfortunately, the weather did not play along, so that only a part of the planned work could be done. I was able to book one highlight anyway, I managed to get our diesel heater, a Ebersb├Ącher A4, up and running. This was also urgently needed, as the temperatures dropped to 6 ° C during the night, which was rather uncomfortable outside the sleeping bag. After good persuasion, they bethought and heated the deckhouse and the two bunks, so it was warm and cosy. Inside, it was very comfortable, especially since a persistent rain began, which lasted all day. Not that I had enough to do in the boat, I wanted to mount the system of rods for our new soft top, which was not possible in this weather.

So I dealt with tidying and cleaning up inside the ship. Since I'm not very persistent in such things,
I dedicated myself to the SBB device, which I could still elicit no intelligible sound, except atmospheric noises in all variants. In fact, with some patience, I received a voice in a unknown language. Korean? Chinese? Who knows? But first I was happy to hear anything out of the box except atmospheric noises. That's expandable, which I have then determined, but first there are more important things to do. This things also have to wait, because I can not fail to eat at La Plancha. Here you will find delicious seafood with a beautiful view of the marina. Additionally to La Plancha there is the restaurant All'acquapazza in the marina, where you can eat excellent pizza.
All in all, the days went by way too fast, but Easter is approaching and hopefully the weather will be better again.