Alone Like a Rolling Stone


Bimini top are called this things I think, for us it is the sunscreen of our cockpit protect us first of all for too much sun and make the stay in the summer bearable for us. I've now mounted the steel tubes of V4A. Before of course, I made a plan, measured, items such as corner pieces, connectors and supports, counted and finally assembled. Well, what can I say, almost have fit, except the front pipes, which had to be adjusted anyway planned.

Now the fabric is missing. We have also measured it and it will be delivered as a whole in one piece, hopefully soon. Then it will cutting, sew on closures and cord edge. Let's see if we can handle it as smooth than the steelwork.

Then we have also mounted a davit. As the title suggests, the Easter weekend was all about steel construction. Finally, we have hoisted our new anchor chain into the boat, were at least 126kg. All in all a successful weekend.

Of course we have let it done well again, in La Plancha we are slowly but surely regular guest, so it was no problem on Easter Sunday to get a table. The kitchen is just awesome and the team is nice and accommodating. Of course, a visit to the city was also a must, and despite the modest temperatures, the first ice cream parlors were open, to the delight of Gaby. Italian gelato just delicious!