Alone Like a Rolling Stone

Across the pond

Admittedly, the Ligurian Sea is not huge, but 110 Nm must first be bridged. After we have spent another week and a half on boatbuilding, it was time to work on our sailing practice again. We decided to make a detour to Elba. Provided with sufficient provisions, it started in the morning. The weather forecast predicted light wind, so we set up for a leisurely cruise. That was true even on long distances, but it would be boring if life had not always new challenges for us, but one after the other. A moderate wind from NW pushed us first to the south. A dolphin school swam for a while next to us and between the keels.

The night broke in and I realized that it won`t be a  cozy and relaxed sailing. Due to the large ferry port in Genoa and the many cargo ports such as La Spezia or Savona, there is quite a bit going on to the south. The AIS kept sounding the alarm and was only able to calm down for a short time with the "Acknowledge" button. Annoyed, I switched off the alarm function. The plotter reliably indicated the ship's positions around us. 20 Nm in front of Capri, the battery indicator light began to glow. We changed the course and set to the north coast of Corsica. At noon the next day we reached Macinaggio. After I had changed the isolation diode, the batteries were recharged on shore power and the battery charge indicator went out, the problem was initially resolved. So we continued our trip towards Elba. Meanwhile, the wind from the south-east refreshed and we had our hands full. Capri was already behind us when the weather calmed down a bit. A beautiful sunset did not quite end the sailing day but Elba was not far away.

Shortly before midnight we arrived in the small bay Biodola on Elba and threw the anchor at 7m. Now it was time to rest. In calm weather we put a rest day before Elba and watched the coming and going of other anchorage. Satisfied with us, we let the day pass.