Alone Like a Rolling Stone


The costs for vaccinations and first-aid kits are not insignificant and should therefore be mentioned. A look into our vaccination passports showed very fast that we must improve these. Since we are rather not vaccinated and we only get vaccinated when necessary and when travelling within Europe a vaccination is less necessary, our vaccinations were a bit older and had to be refreshed. After all, in the case of hepatitis A+B, vaccination with the new vaccination serum is valid, now a lifelong vaccination protection. Also with the child diseases measles, mumps, rubella etc. we were served. Nevertheless there is still a lot left. The cocktails are usually injected via the upper arm. However, there are also so-called swallowing vaccinations which can be taken orally either via capsules or a liquid. Typhoid fever and cholera we gave ourselves by swallowing vaccination. Yellow fever, rabies, tetanus, diphtheria, polio, pertussis and meningococcus all entered the body with a small syringe via the upper arm.

When you get rabies vaccinated, you think you're being kissed by a horse. After that the arm hurts for at least 3 days. After 5 days you still feel the arm. To get a basic immunization you have to go through the whole thing 3 times. If this does not knock you down, the price will do it at the latest. The above mentioned inoculations costs in such a way 750€ per nose so for those who cannot add it 1500€ in total. My arm was so sluggish from the many injections that I needed assistance to pull out the credit card. What has to be considered with some vaccinations is that between the doses e.g. with the rabies vaccination at least three, with other vaccinations even four weeks must lie between the doses. So plan the vaccination in good time before you start your journey. In fact, there should also be health insurance companies in the world that cover at least part of the costs. This is not very helpful if you leave your contributions to a health insurance company that does not pass such costs on to the general public and calls up cheaper contributions from its members in return. Ha! was a joke, rarely so laughed. No, simply ask the health insurance company. The nice lady from the call center in Bangalore gives there surely gladly information. But do we come back again to the topic vaccination protection and the question where you can be vaccinated? Most vaccinations can be carried out by your family doctor. Most of the time you need an appointment because he has to get the serum first. In Germany there are several hospitals that have outpatient appointments during the week where you can simply go and get vaccinated without prior notice. It should be noted that yellow fever vaccination is only possible at approved vaccination sites. Meanwhile there are also so-called travel practices in Germany, which are accommodated in various outdoor shops in larger cities and which also offer vaccinations.
We have our last vaccination date in 3 weeks and then are ready to throw away the lines. In this sense
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77 days left until the start