Alone Like a Rolling Stone

We did it!

We actually did it. In the last two weeks we have completed the liquidation of our household and moved onto the boat with two big suitcases, two small suitcases, a backpack and a laptop. Before we left we said goodbye to our family and this in the middle of the southeast Styrian vineyards. Simply unforgettable! Not only the wine flowed in streams, the "Bretteljausen" was lavish and very tasty. The Styrian "Buschenschank" is known for its cosiness, great wines and a good meal. Exactly the right scenery in view of what awaits us in the future, namely exactly the opposite. Here again the question came up: "Why do you want to leave, stay here in beautiful Styria" and we answered, "We want to see the world, the people, the animals, the nature as long as this is still possible". Free from any prejudices and controlled misinformation. Of course this is a risk if half the world flies around our ears in the meantime. When climate change is discussed, when the Americans are once again working hard on their world domination, which they have long since lost. If the Middle East doesn't give peace to each other and one bangs the heads of the other. When in many countries corrupt assholes are oppressing their own people and the little development money that still flows into their own pockets and the world community is watching. If we Europeans try to preserve our independence and therefore nothing goes ahead, if anything the regression is programmed, because we give more importance to 16 year old environmental activists than to see the whole thing and at the same time China uses the favour of the hour and buys up one company after the other on the world market, at least buys itself as if the whole year were winter sales. Yes, then that is a risk. But if you are anchored at 40 knots and the rigs are playing the song "Stairway to heaven", while the robes are playing the drum solo "Highway to hell", this risk becomes secondary and you do well to concentrate on the essentials. And that's exactly what we want, to concentrate on the essentials. We are working on that and with the step to pull on the boat we have reached another milestone.
We have booked the place in the marina until the end of August, then we definitely want to start the adventure. Our timer on the homepage is adjusted to this. As it looks, we will make it a little earlier. In the last week we were able to fix some things. We replaced the tricolour lighting in the mast with an LED version, inspecting the mast at the same time. The mainsail had a crack that had to be repaired. We also managed that. We replaced the ropes on the Traveler because the whole system was running sluggish because of the rigid old ropes. I noticed that the soft shackle, which was attached to the beam, was badly damaged. We also replaced it as a precaution. The life on board has now, after almost a week, adjusted well and we are looking forward to finally leaving soon. Other things can wait on the "to-do list", except for machine maintenance. If the weather forecast is right, next week Wednesday would be a suitable weather window with southwesterly winds of up to 10 knots. Would be enough for us to get away from here. We will see. You can check out our homepage to see if we are leaving and when that is. For this we have inserted another link below the timer button. This button will replace the timer button after expiration.

Live your dream. In this sense, keep your ears stiff until the next time.