Alone Like a Rolling Stone

On the way

We already knew Portofino from last year, we hadn't seen Rapallo yet.
After two days of removing shells from the hull and the propellers, we had to visit Rapallo. With our Dinghy we crossed the bay and moored in the harbour of Rapallo. The city with about 30000 inhabitants has not only a lot to offer touristically, also historically there was a lot going on here. Thus, for example, the contract of Rapallo was signed between the then newly founded UDSSR and Germany, in which the UDSSR waived reparation payments after the 1st World War. The Hotel Imperial, in which the contract was signed, is located on the hillside, visible from afar, when you enter the harbour. The city centre is very lively and there are numerous restaurants and cafes in the pedestrian zone and it is hard to believe that an Italian baker makes bread from sourdough and rye flour. I'm already off the hook, but that probably won't be the last thing I'll miss at some point. The bread tasted really good. On the harbour promenade numerous trees give shade and there are always seats where smaller groups form and discuss loudly. Here people talk about God and the world and when an Italian has really talked his way into a conversation, there is no stopping the rush of words. Anyway, as a German you have the impression that the Italian wakes up in the morning, then starts talking and only stops again when he falls into bed completely tired. However it is interesting to watch what happens here all day long and even if you don't understand everything we know what is meant by the gestures.

We could not stifle us a visit in Portofino anyway, one finds here, nevertheless, the type human being who has forgotten to think about sense and nonsense of his action to be seen and seen before much louder. This takes on such grotesque proportions that people sit down at a table at the pier, sip oysters at 35°C, while one Chinese tourist group after another sips 30 inches past this table. There are 100 to 150 sweat dripping people looking into the neckline of the opulent blonde lady while they, uncomfortably, constantly try to hold their mini dress in position, which of course they don't succeed. The sweat mixes with her expensive makeup runs down the temple over the neck into the neckline. If you look at the whole thing from a distance, you can't deny that it's a certain comedy. But we didn't just use the day to watch this spectacle, the gardens around Portofino are beautiful and very well connected with hiking trails. We walked along the coast to our anchorage and in the late afternoon we were back in Portofino where we had left our dinghy. 

The next day we left for Porto Venere and passed the Cinque Terre again. This section is for us the most beautiful part of the Ligurian coast. Unfortunately the wind was very weak, so we had to motor most of the way. The passage at the church San Pietro near Porto Venere is than the highlight. The water depth here is in some places less than two meters which is always very exciting. Shortly afterwards we anchored in an anchor field in front of Porto Venere. As we were on the way for more than 8 hours, we decided to visit the city next day.

Porto Venere belongs to the UNESCO world heritage and the small town with its old town centre deserves it in our opinion. The church San Pietro, which we have only seen from the sea until now, was our destination. Inside, kept very simple, one enjoys a wonderful view to the Cinque Terre on the rocky promontory on which the church was built. The airy terrace can be reached by a small staircase. Here, one can let the wind blow around one's nose. The place itself seems a little overcrowded by the numerous tourists, but the little town with the narrow alleys and the yellow houses is worth a visit. On the way back to the boat we filled up our provisions and made our way back to our Katinka. The next morning we wanted to leave early to start our 30Nm trip to Pisa.

We'll tell you about Pisa next week, in this sense, always a hand's width and keep your ears stiff.