Alone Like a Rolling Stone


It's hard to believe that it's the middle of October and the thermometer still climbs loosely above 25°C. It can be all very well for us, as it helps us to push our "The paint is off-project". When the hull was sanded, we removed the brass hull outlets and now want to replace them with plastic. After I had removed the third valve, the knees at the ears lying close to the left hand under the thigh with the right hand stretched out over the mentioned knee lying at the ear grabbing and then with all force at the raw tongs pulling, I took the Flex for the remaining outlets and let raw forces rule senselessly.

The board outlet itself is not the problem, but the amartur behind it, it is also made of brass and the ball valves become difficult to move over time and can no longer be moved. This should not happen with plastic. The outlets are glued in with epoxy and because I was not paying attention again, I ordered a wrong one. Therefore the gluing has to wait until next week. But that doesn't matter, because in the meantime we are busy with our rudders. I noticed a crack in the shaft of the port rudder which allows water to penetrate, that has to be fixed in any case. Yes and while we are at it we let both check for tightness and weld if necessary. While the boat is made of Fiberglass, the rudders are completely made of steel. You see, we don't get bored.


One mile from our mooring is the ancient Roman port of Portus Ostiensis Augusti, later renamed Portus Romae, also known as the Imperial Port of Claudius and Trajan. The port was started with two breakwaters by Claudius in 42 A.D. and completed by Nero. From Trajan, in 103 A.D., the port was extended by a 33 hectare hexagonal basin. It is hard to believe it, but today the complex is a bit over 2 miles from the sea and is gigantic even by today's standards. Some storage rooms, temples and other buildings are exposed. The harbour mole is still recognizable and the hexagonal harbour basin of Trajan still exists today as a lake. The visitor is led on ways by a park-similar plant to the individual buildings and can inform at information boards about their function, in addition guided tours are offered. The new port quickly took over Ostia's tasks and accelerated the decline of the old port. We spent the morning at this location and then rode our bicycles on a newly discovered cycle path off from the busy Via Portuense along the Tiber.

At the beginning the way was quite wide and was concreted and then became a mountain bike trail and was signposted to Rome. After five climbs we were fed up, so a mountain bike trail with a folding bike is only subotimal to ride and after the third oncoming mountain bike rider looked at us compassionately, we felt a little out of place. So we left the trail at a junction and cycled towards Parco Leonardo, as we still had an open account with our favourite company Vodafone.


Finally we were interested in where our remaining 20Gbyte data volume remained. Last week we had to buy a new SIM card with 35Gbyte data volume because our old SIM card was no longer rechargeable. From Vodafone we only got 15Gbyte. So what about the rest? Before we entered the shop I checked the card again on the internet page and look there, suddenly the 20 Gbyte were available. Well, some things actually take care of themselves. We made a sharp bend in front of the shop and turned into a cafe instead to have a drink first, after all we were already a few miles with the bike on the way again. The nice thing about Italy is that you can shop here without stress on Sundays and many Italians take advantage of that. The parking lots are always crowded. But we don't have a parking problem with our folding bikes, we can almost drive to the entrance and always find a streetlight to which we can tie up. However, we always look a little jealously at the big trunk, because with us not so much fits on the bike and there one must look already exactly what one actually needs. After we had done our shopping we started the way back to our Katinka. On a road that was not yet open for official traffic we headed back to the marina. Thus we discover more and more our surroundings and can avoid the sometimes high traffic volume.


Next week they're finally going to paint. We'll tell you how to do this in the next blog post until then as always fair winds and keep your ears stiff.