Family and Friends

Grey is the dominant colour of these days, which is determined by the weather. A real November weather we have here. Gone are the years in which there was white splendour on the streets, fields and meadows and one was happy under a steel blue sky when the snow crunched under one's shoes while walking. Instead grey in grey, wet and cold and when you come back from your walk your shoes are covered with mud and your clothes do not look any better.

December 2019 does not have the charm and power to create a Christmas atmosphere in us. All that more we are happy about the many splashes of colour in our soul, which our family and friends leave in us. The last week we lived intensely and felt how warmly and with joy we were welcomed by our family and by the friends we visited. The gifts we distributed this year were rather modest, but we were also able to give out these wonderful splashes of colour and at least for the time of our visit we were able to displace existing everyday worries. Many of our relatives and friends are following our block and had the opportunity to ask what one or the other thing was like during our visit. Brigitte invited us to coffee and cake, the round we had run with the dog before did not contribute substantially to the calorie consumption and thus a few extra pounds were added to the already fat cushion despite good will. What did not apply to our hostess who still seems to stay slim and slender despite Christmas dinner. The time passed quickly and we are already looking forward to our next meeting. In the evening we had an appointment with Diana and Michael, we met them in a pub called "Schmiede" and ordered a sausage salad. Again it was all about the boat and the question how far we have progressed with our work. The two had visited us on their way back from vacation and were able to see the work on the underwater hull for themselves. We told them about our planned projects and in return we got to know what's new in the city. The day before Gaby had been at the hairdresser's and Barbara is an almost inexhaustible source of municipal news. Late we came home because we missed the last bus and had to walk. The next day Gaby met up with her sister and a childhood friend in Stuttgart, while I paid a visit to our friend Schorsch. When I arrived, Liz immediately took me in. Time was quickly forgotten when suddenly the phone rang and Schorsch asked for me. He hadn't even noticed that I was already there. We drove to his garden property, made ourselves comfortable in front of an open fire and drank a beer. Again the topic was our world trip and what we had experienced so far. I willingly gave information until Philipp came to pick me up.

For the next day we had a date with Gaby's brother Walle and his new girlfriend Moni. We met them in the "broom", a kind of wine bar which is operated by winegrowers. On this day it was not the boat that was in the center of attention, which was fine with me, but Moni. The poor woman, metaphorically speaking, had to undress in front of us. She willingly gave us information and so this evening ended much too fast. On Saturday we went on a longer hike with the dog to stimulate our metabolism a bit and to visit Nina and Jürgen. The two are just about to realize their dream project and are currently rebuilding a multigenerational house in Korb. As it is only about 7 kilometres away from our temporary home, the hike over the "Hanweiler Sattel" was a perfect opportunity. After almost two hours we reached our destination and were welcomed by Jürgen and first of all we made a house inspection. Impressed by what was already done and what the plans for the future look like we drove to Fellbach to have something to eat. Nina welcomed us with coffee and cake. We hadn't seen Larissa and Jenny for a long time, so we were even more happy that they were there.

Finally Nina and Jürgen had booked a table at the "Waldhorn" and once again, food was on the agenda. It was again a cosy evening with interesting conversations. We gladly accepted the offer to drive us home. Sunday, our rest day, is also here in Germany the day we want to rest. Only a little food, a little exercise in the fresh air and to recharge our batteries, after all Christmas is just around the corner. But before that, a meeting with Elke and Joe was planned.

We had temporarily lost sight of the two sailors, who are dedicated to the Adriatic and the Greek islands, and only recently Joe contacted us again. We arranged to meet in the "Schwabenalm" after not seeing each other for almost 12 years. The reception was warm, the conversations very interesting. While we hadn't sailed much in the last 12 years, Elke and Joe had a lot to tell us, including a broken mast which she survived unharmed and about which Joe had reported in detail on his homepage. We wished each other a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and promised to take our time for our next meeting, not as long as last time.
Yes and now it is Christmas. How we spent Christmas and what preparations we are making for the New Year will be told next time. Until then, as always, Fair Winds and keep your ears stiff.