Dr. Katinka's practice

Bad days and good days

Today was definitely a bad day. During the night we were rammed by our neighbour in the anchor field. The skipper is reasonable and calls his insurance company. The day before, we are just in the city of Porto Colom, the said yacht is lying in front of us in the anchor field. But unfortunately there is Poseidon grass. On our tour through the city we discovered a laundromat that Gaby wants to test without further ado. So we go back on board to get the laundry and find the described situation. When we come back from washing the laundry, the yacht lies next to us. Also we have been instructed by a Marinero not to destroy the grass. However, I stopped the anchor maneuver because I came too close to another boat to lie. I then asked the Marinero to show me another place, which also happened. The skipper missed this, when we came back there was nobody to talk to. In the night the wind decreased and both yachts turned differently. The starboard position light, the flagpole and the stern got a big scratch. The stern has to be laminated again at this point. However, in a first statement the insurance company refers to the marinero who finally gave the skipper the place and claims he is not at fault and therefore the damage has to be paid by both of them. If the insurance company gets away with this, I will advertise for them, because then the premiums must be so negligible that they are unrivalled on the market. Let's see how everything develops. 

Defect Positionlamp

We crossed from Menorca to Mallorca and once again there was no wind. The weather forecast predicted wind from north with 8 knots for the early morning. At two o'clock in the night I wake Gaby and we tackle the 40 nautical miles. But there is no wind. Not even a cape effect can be felt as we pass Cap Artrutx. We sail long distances under engine, taking advantage of every breath of air to sail at least one or two nautical miles. We reach our destination Port de Pollensa in the late afternoon and try to spot the Dinghi-Dog described above. In the big bay is a lot of space and we drop the anchor at four meters not far from the Dinghi-Dog. A first visit to the city leads us to an Eroski supermarket where we are shocked to discover that the prices are about 20% higher than in Italy. Nevertheless, we buy one or the other little thing and decide to visit another Eroski a little outside the city the next day, as the choice is not very big. We also want to rent a scooter again to ride into the mountains in the north of Mallorca. In the meantime Janet and Heinz from the Dar Melica have reported that they have taken over their new boat and are ready to go. We plan to meet the three of them again, not to forget the board dog Lili, here in Port de Pollensa. 


My Spanish is very bumpy and the waitress smiles at me. It is 21:00 o'clock and for the Spaniard still much too early for dinner. To the question if we have a reservation I unfortunately have to answer with no, but nevertheless we are offered a table that is actually only used for having a drink and is a little higher than the other tables. We assume we are sitting in a tapas bar in a small street and have no idea what to order. A bottle of wine and then tapas of course. But which one? We get inspired by the service and order potatoes in a hot sauce, grilled avocado, ravioli that I didn't quite understand what was in them and grilled pork on tacos with a delicious sauce. The evening is successful and satisfied we go back to our Katinka. 

At the Mountains of Majorca

Rentier the scooter is no problem on Sunday morning and we take the road towards Pollensa, not to be confused with Port de Pollensa, to visit the market and then continue into the mountains. The town is about 5km from the coast and has very narrow streets where the market takes place on Sunday. On the Ma-10 we drive towards Soller in the mountains to the monastery of Lluc. The monastery still offers overnight accommodation to everyone who likes. We visit the botanical garden and the church and then continue to Calobra. 

Monastery  Lluc Majorca

The narrow road winds like a snake 12km into a narrow bay and is scenically a dream. The roads in Mallorca are partly relatively narrow, but very well developed.

Calobra Majorca

Via a detour we reach Port de Pollensa again in the late afternoon and meet the crew of the Dar Melica in order to first visit the new boat. The sightseeing makes us hungry and so we make the plan to eat a paella together. The diesel is bubbling away, we stand at 8:00 o'clock in the morning in the queue, at 28 ° C and no wind runs me the sweat in the back, before us is a motor yacht that seems to have a huge tank. Finally it is so far and we let 400l, half the tank filling into our Katinka. On the way to our next bay, we pass Janet and Heinz to say goodbye and set course for Cala Moltò. 

Cala Moltò

Here in the bay we are checked for the first time whether we have anchored in the Poseidon grass, which of course was not the case, we can stay. A motor yacht had less luck there and had to change places. From Cala Moltò we continue to Porto Colom. The town is very original and has some nice bars and restaurants alone the harbour promenade. We learn to love the tapas and sit at Florian, a small bar, and enjoy the harbour atmosphere. But due to the accident described above, Porto Colom will remain in bad memory for us.

Lighthouse Cala Colom

We drive on to Cala Mondrago, which was very restless from the beginning. Although there is hardly any wind but the swell sets into the bay and we experience a restless day and a restless night. We continue along the east coast towards the south and reach in the southeast, after circumnavigating Cap de Ses Salines, our anchorage Plaja es Carbo where we want to wait for the crossing to Cabrera. How we like the south of Majorca and what we will experience in the next week, we will tell you in the next blog, until then as always Fair winds and keep a stiff upper lip.