Alone Like a Rolling Stone

Cartagena - Or insurance, the horse dealers of modern times

Unusually early, probably due to Corona, it becomes quiet around us. Many owners have already winterized their boats and left, some of them did not even show up this season. Dust and dirt hang thickly on the boats when we walk through the marina. Partly boats are for sale. We like to go for a walk in the late afternoon and look at the boats at the jetties to see how one or the other has solved one or the other problem. A catamaran, home port Melbourne, everything is properly lashed down, the boat is lying here safely, that the owner has not been here for a long time, you can see by the two centimeter thick layer of dust on deck. Next to it another catamaran with a yellow sign and a phone number on it, for sale. Many have given up, their dreams burst through Corona. Yes, it is certainly not easy, especially since the number of cases, especially here in Spain, is rising dramatically again, but giving up is not an option for us. We will continue, even if it only progresses slowly.

Marina Cartagena,Spain

The fingers are oily under the nails black dirt. I have been in the shower for what feels like an hour and I am trying to get rid of the dirt under my nails with little success. Anyway, tomorrow they will be black again anyway. We now have a week of maintenance and cleaning behind us and slowly see light on the horizon. The marina has invested in a new building, which houses the showers and a laundry room with two machines and a dryer. A generously designed lounge makes waiting for the laundry more pleasant. From the showers comes warm water, which is not always a matter of course, but I have to hurry up, because we still want to go into town.

Container port Cartagena,Spain

The streets and squares are very spacious, there are many bicycle paths and palm tree alleys that make it pleasant to ride on, away from the traffic. We have unpacked our bikes and are on the road in the city. Unfortunately you can't rely on the opening hours, especially for smaller stores, during the pandemic. Many stores are completely closed, others only open in the morning and some open once or twice a week. Google is not helpful there either, because they tell you, of course, the normal business hours. After all, Google is protecting itself by pointing out that Corona is subject to opening hours that may change. Whether they have changed then, you have to find out yourself. So it happens to us again and again that we stand in front of closed doors and try to decipher the sign at the entrance door when and how the store is open. You get used to everything and we always reward ourselves with a visit to a tapas bar. A big beer in an iced glass - that's standard here- and a few tapas, we really enjoy. Golly, it's pretty plump, shoots through my head, I love the Spanish women with their quite strong self-confidence. Like through a veil I hear from far away "let's go home". Gaby tears me out of my daydreams and I try to catch the waiter to pay the bill, still looking up the pedestrian zone. This week is swabian week by us. 

"Schupfnudeln with Sauerkraut"

There are dishes from the south Germany (Schwabenland). The first course is Schupfnudeln with sauerkraut, followed by Maultaschen in a broth and a Swabian potato salad (made from Spanish potatoes, but what the hell!) and last but not least, Kässpätzle and salad. The Anglo-Saxons among you won't know much about this, but take comfort in the fact that even some Germans have no idea what I'm talking about here. Just so much, such dishes raise the mood on board tremendously. Here's a little recommendation from us, folks, don't do this to yourselves by eating canned food, eat decently and healthily to maintain your performance and prevent illness. Sure, you can open a can sometimes, when you're on long trip, but in the long run your body needs decent food and as I said, it raises morale. The more varied the better. 

"Maultaschen in a broth"

Such a mood enhancer is sometimes necessary, especially when liability insurers such as Pantaenius do not assume liability for damages to their policyholders. We were already lying in Porto Colom Bay for two days when another yacht anchored near us. Since we were not on board at the time of the maneuver and did not return until after dark, we did not notice that the new anchor berth did not maintain the safety distance. During the night there was a collision which caused 500€ damage to our boat. Pantaenius rejects the claim with the reason: 

"...Both boats anchored and drifted against each other at night. If you have any evidence of unilateral misconduct on the part of our policyholders, we would ask you to provide us with appropriate documents or evidence. According to the files, we must reject your claims as legally unfounded. 

We regret that we are unable to give you a positive answer in this matter. 

Friendly greetings 



According to my understanding of the law, completely unfounded, since damage has occurred and both yachts are always in motion. With such a justification, in principle, there is never a case of damage and leads a liability insurance ad absurdum. This further strengthens my trust in the insurance industry and I can only warmly recommend Pantaenius. In any case, I have learned from this and should I ever cause damage, I will use the above quote. So keep your distance from me people! 

Damage on our boat

But the week will end in Spanish again. Our journey through Spain begins and we will visit the cities of Granada, Cordoba and Sevilla. What we experience in these cities we will report in our next blog. Until then we wish, as always, fair winds and keep a stiff upper lip.