Alone Like a Rolling Stone

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

 Here in Tenerife you can get everything for the boat, only the budget slows down the skipper in his drive. This month and probably next month we will be completely over budget, but we hope that this will be balanced out again in the following months. We are once again on our way through Santa Cruz to pick up ordered parts at the yacht supply store. I also need a 2K ohm resistor for the charge controller of the wind generator for the conversion to lithium batteries. After two failed attempts, we are by now quite high up in town, and run sweating, dressed only in T-shirt and long pants, up the climb further, cursing the long pants, we find what we are looking for. Well, not quite, the seller has only 1K Ohm resistors. So we solder two in a row. For no less than 0.20 €, the two little things go over the counter and it goes on to the yacht dealer.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

There are crazy contrasts in the districts of Santa Cruz. The pedestrian zone up to the city is repeatedly interrupted by beautifully landscaped parks, some with imposing trees that provide shade and under which you can drink a coffee. Downstream, one finds beautifully restored townhouses. Towards the north, the streets become narrower and many houses are uninhabitable. High-rise buildings change the cityscape, now and then a small fruit seller or a Chinese with his endless assortment, from toilet brushes to plastic dishes. Passing the "Parque Garcia Sanabria" we reach the yacht dealer and pick up the ordered parts. On the way back I ask Gaby if she needs anything else. "Nothing really, maybe a white bread."

Anyone who has ever been to Spain knows the Hiper Dino chain with the funny dinosaur as emblem. For Gaby, this dinosaur is like the Happy Meal bag from Mc Donalds, which children have a hard time getting past. Gaby can't get past the dinosaur and she jumps in to get the white bread. At the "Plaza de Espana" we visit the tourism center. Corona conditionally the entrance to the Teide is limited and you have to register in advance via a website. We ask how the procedure is.

Plaza Espana in the background the tourism center overgrown with flowers

It is once again Sunday, we notice that at least a few stores are closed and there are countless people on the promenade. A "Mords Trum" (a tale man) with free upper body makes on the, with devices at the free disposal, furnished sport area meanwhile its thirtieth situp and does not make also the appearance to stop in foreseeable time with it. I think of my small beer belly, which has unfortunately formed in the meantime, and try to suppress the arising bad conscience. I concentrate on the "Auditorio de Tenerife Adan Martin" which we see, from our berth, at night also illuminated once in a while. Unfortunately, I must thereby also stop the view of the lush black-haired woman, only with a leggings and tight-fitting top, belly-free, which runs in the direction of the "Mords Trum".

Santa Cruz Auditorium

The auditorium has the shape of a wave and is strongly reminiscent of the Sydney Opera House. Here, too, operas and concerts are performed. Immediately behind it you will find the "Castillo de San Juan Bautista", also called the Black Fort due to the building material obtained from volcanic stone. The fort was built in 1641 and served to defend Santa Cruz. A little further on you will find the Palmetum, a botanical garden created on a garbage dump, with the largest collection of palm trees in the world. 

Palmetum Santa Cruz

If you turn northwest, you will come to a newly built residential area and then back to the city center. In between is the market "Nuestra Senora de Africa" which we visit again and again to replenish our fruit and vegetable stocks. In addition, there is bread made from sourdough, a welcome change from the white bread that is common here. 

Nuestra Senora de Africa Market of Santa Cruz

Near the Natural History Museum is a stop of the only line of the streetcar of Santa Cruz, it goes to San Cristobal de La Laguna and costs 1.35€ for a one-way trip. Passing the "Monuments a Los Caidos", we reach again the bridge to the marina and conclude our Sunday tour. Next week we will activate the bicycles again and expand our horizon on the bike path along the promenade. Until then, we wish you as always fair winds and keep a stiff upper lip.

Fair winds

Santa Cruz bike path