Alone Like a Rolling Stone

The rig

 Since we still haven't given up our plans to cross the Atlantic, it's also necessary to think about the rig. Of course we regularly check all shrouds and stays, but unfortunately we don't know how old the standing rigging is. Visually it still looks good. In view of the further destination, however, it seems opportune to us to change the standing rigging.

The standing rigging is changed

I am standing in Calle de la Rosa 36, at the counter of Nordest, talking to an Argentinean who is advising me not to sail to Argentina. I explain to him that I want to renew the steel ropes on the rigging, since we intend to sail across the Atlantic. When I carelessly mentioned Argentina, he jokingly shouted not to go there. We should rather go to Switzerland. In the meantime, the boss joined us and we discussed the renewal. He has a scheduling problem, too many orders at the moment. I say to him that it would be no problem for us to do it later, if I get an appointment from him. We would bridge the time and sail briefly to Gran Canaria and come back to the appointment. In the afternoon of the same day, both of them stood in front of our Katinka and took a look at the work. The boss explained to me that he has five boats at the moment, but would have to wait for spare parts on one or the other. In the meantime, he can take care of us. I don't think he liked the trip to Gran Canaria at all, and before I look for another rigger on the neighboring island, he'd rather do the business himself. Which of course makes us happy. The very next day we start with the upper shrouds, which are replaced relatively quickly. Let's hope that the boys will keep at it. However, the weather must also be taken into account. We have decided not to lay the mast, since that is organizationally complex and of course also a question of cost, one must of course again and again high in the mast. With 15 to 20 knots not always easy. From the end of this week, however, there should be a windless phase.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

In the meantime, we look around Santa Cruz. We found the hospital already on the first day, because my leg still needs to be treated. The ultrasound diagnosis has confirmed the thrombosis and now there is a specialist appointment, where then the further procedure will be discussed. We have also discovered the market in the meantime. It is called "Mercado de Nuestra Senora de Africa" and as exotic as the name sounds, as interesting it is. Here you can buy everything from flowers to fruits and vegetables to meat and fish. In the "Calle Jose Manuel Guimera", not far from the market, a few stalls for daily needs have settled. Around the market there are numerous bars. In the lower level, of the round building with a courtyard, is the fish department. Here you can buy freshly caught fish and shellfish and there are stalls where you can eat what you have bought. Not exactly cheap, but in a unique atmosphere.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Here in Santa Cruz there is also a Trans-Ocean base, which we wrote to directly after our arrival. We are of the opinion that it is important that our base leaders know to be noticed. It doesn't matter if you need something or just want to say hello. The next day there was a knock on the boat and our base manager Rene Hertel said hello. We had a nice afternoon with him on board and received valuable tips for our stay on Tenerife. 

Marina Santa Cruz

At least we are now once well supplied with hints, what there is to discover here on the island and we are looking forward to it. However, as always in life, the work has first priority and some projects are still on our To Do List. Besides the rig, we have been dreaming of a self-sufficient power supply for a long time and finally want to start our lithium project. Yes and there is also our Persenning project Cockpit, which wants to be continued. Finally we found and ordered the push buttons we need. Yes and there would be so much more to improve. 

Rainbow over Santa Cruz

In the past year, we have learned a lot and therefore never run out of work. But one thing after another. As usual, you can follow our progress in the blog on Glenswelt. We wish you, as always at this point, fair winds and keep a stiff upper lip.