Alone Like a Rolling Stone

Always this trouble with the staff

 The saleswoman in the Marine Shop smiles at me, then turns her head and yells to the back, "Here's a customer who wants to borrow a 64A plug"! A loud laugh can be heard from the back office. "Young man" she says, "We are a sales store here, not a rental company. If you want to have such a plug you have to buy it already, costs 56,95€". Red-faced, as if I were buying a pack of condoms, I whip out my credit card and pay for the plug. An hour earlier, I was in the Marina office and asked for the same plug that I had been offered when we arrived here. Now no one knows anything about it, and if I want electricity, I have to get the plug somewhere else. At a normal pier this would be no problem, there are 32A and 16A sockets, only here at the transfer pier the things are 64A. So a plug we never need again but what will you do.

Katinka at the tranfer pier Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

The Marineros are quite friendly, but the service then leaves much to be desired. Not that not enough berths were free, but just none in our length. Well that's just so, but that you get the next larger offers, this flexibility you can not expect here. The showers are cold, which costs me an overcoming and now also the story with the electricity. The Wi-Fi is lousy, crashes again and again and therefore for 2.50€ a day, too expensive. Two years ago, all this would have annoyed me so much that I would have left on the spot. Today I keep it like my grandmother, who always said "Scher di net host eh kein Dank" what means don´t worry be happy and although we can not afford it, from the cost side, I just think "Always this trouble with the staff". Whether it is now because of all this trouble I do not know, but that we consider Gran Canaria now more critical than the other islands, you can not say. Even if Las Palmas is very large, that does not excuse the fact that dog excrement is everywhere and that it is clearly dirtier than in the cities that we have visited so far in the Canaries. 

Las Palmas Old Town, Gran Canaria

But there are also positive things to report about Las Palmas. The network of bike lanes is great and despite considerable traffic in the city, you feel very safe as a cyclist and the drivers are very considerate. The old town around the cathedral Santa Ana is worth seeing. Here is also the Colon House, where Columbus lived on his four voyages to India (or America) while his ships were being prepared for the Great Voyage. The houses are in perfect condition and around the market "De Vegueta" there are numerous bars and restaurants. 

House Colon Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

The market itself has a lot to offer and you get everything you need here, at much lower prices than in the many supermarkets in Las Palmas. However, you have to be careful, as everywhere, that you are not ripped off. Some do not take it so exactly with the weighing, which you then have to compensate with various extras. In other words, I didn't really want a melon, but if you give it to me for free, I don't have to have it weighed again. What outweighs is the atmosphere at such a market, which, by the way, despite Corona, is very well attended. 

Market Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

Many supermarkets offer to deliver the purchase to the boat, so provisioning here in Las Palmas is a good idea. There are three white beaches in the city. The "Playa de las Alcaravaneras" is located in the harbor basin and is therefore very quiet. A bit outside in the north you find the "Playa del Confital" and south of it the probably most famous beach of Las Palmas the "Playa de Las Canteras". At the southern end you will find the surfers waiting for the perfect wave, from the beach promenade you can watch them.

Park Doramas Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

We sit a little off the promenade in front of the "Panaderia Alemana" and drink a coffee or Gaby drinks a cocoa. I bite with pleasure into a nut corner. A spelt bread is already in our backpack. I don't think there is a greater way to please me than with a German bread. This is what I miss most from Germany. In every new place we visit, finding a baker that offers German bread is the first challenge. Every now and then Gaby bakes one and she is getting better at it. After we have seen Las Palmas and are also very excited about the parks we will go to the mountains tomorrow and make a shore excursion. The canyon "Barranco de Azuaje" near Firgas is our destination. Here we want to look at the original Garn Canaria and hike a bit. Whether we have found what we are looking for, we tell you next time here on our blog Until then, as always, fair winds and keep a stiff upper lip.