Dr. Katinka's practice

The bay in front of Anfi

After getting tired of the harbor lying, we move to the bay of Punta de la Vega, located three nautical miles east of Puerto Mogan, at Playa Anfi del Mar. We get used again to the light rolling of the sea, to the sound of the breaking wave, on the nearby beach. This idyll, honestly, can only be experienced from the late evening hours until the other morning, because during the day there is a party atmosphere here.

The bay in front of Anfi

For too long, the Spaniards have been locked away in a lockdown; for too long, the joyful people have not been able to satisfy their life-affirming urge for freedom and society. As if from a volcano, the joy of life sprays out all at once. Jet skis race like mad through the anchorage field, party boats with music systems that would make many a discotheque pale, come into the bay and entertain, not only the party people on the boat. Life has returned to the beach, and some people don't give a damn about the distance. With a jet ski, an inflated banana, with screaming people on it, is pulled behind. A party catamaran, with over 50 people, comes into the bay and stops here for a short time. Stand up paddles swarm out, and people film and photograph, with their cell phones, what the stuff holds. It seems all the more grotesque when the restaurant staff, the boatcrew or the parking lot attendant are the only ones still wearing a mask. 

Punta del la Vega

Many European who spends his vacation here and who has fled from a certain rigidity of shock from his home country is not understood. Remaining in this rigidity, brought from home, he shyly pulls his mask in front of his face when things get too crowded on the promenade. Here, two worlds collide: on the one hand, the fun-loving Spaniard who no longer wants to put his feet under the kitchen table at home, and on the other hand, the vacationer who is unsettled by the rapidly increasing number of Corona cases and who is already far in the minority. But in the pandemic, the parameters have changed. The older ones, with whom usually more severe courses were to be expected, are for the most part vaccinated, and with the younger ones a life-threatening course, is rarely to be expected. We live in a parallel world and due to the lack of reliable figures that help us to assess the situation correctly, this will remain the case for a long time, despite the wisdom of many experts.

Drink up and wipe mouth

The thoughts tear themselves away again and before my beer gets warm, I drink it. Gaby has used the WIFI connection of the beach bar to bring her Kindl back up to speed, meaning she has downloaded a lot of books again. We pay and go back to the boat with the dinghy. The next morning, we set off for Telde. Too many stand up paddles around us made us decide to finally get one of those too. After two hours the bus delivers us in Telde. The board is quickly bought and we already know the way back. Quite a lot of effort for such a stand-up paddle, but at least we are back on trend. In the marina, where we had left our dinghy, we were shocked to find that our dinghy had disappeared. We find it again at another jetty. Obviously we have not moored in the right place and so it was moved quickly. As it turns out later, the crossing with the stand-up paddle would have been a disaster. A swell sets in the bay, which makes me think long and hard about trying out the board now. In the end, curiosity wins out and I launch the SUP. Kneeling, struggling for balance, I do not want to succeed in the beginning to stand upright. I need several attempts and finally manage to keep myself on the board with trembling knees. Tentatively I dip the paddle and try to move away, which I only succeed in doing miserably. Somehow I make it back to our Katinka, with the realization that everything in life requires patience and spit. A certain tenacity helps. Above all, I have learned one thing, the simplicity of being on a stand up paddle, wants to be practiced and some things look easier than they are in the end, not only when paddling on the water.

First try

Next week we will have a visitor. We are already curious how seaworthy our guest is. Sometimes a week can be very long, but also very short. We are looking forward in any case and wish a good journey. How we spend the next week, more on land or on the water, you can read in the same place on www.glenswelt.com again. Until then, we wish you as always, fair winds and keep a stiff upper lip.

The crew of Katinka wish you a awesome day