Alone Like a Rolling Stone

Who has the damage defies description

 "For questions about your bank account, please dial 1. Unfortunately, all employees are busy, please be patient, you will be connected to the next available seat." Classical music croaks from the cell phone speaker to my ear. The minute costs 6€, which considering the quality, is an exorbitant amount for listening to classical music. I want to reactivate access to my bank account, which is not easy due to the increasingly tightened security measures, in recent years. "Go to the Security App under Settings, New Device, and enter the activation code. The activation code has been sent to your registered device". Unfortunately, I no longer own the device, as it was stupidly lost to us last week, during a robbery. "Alternatively, they can also have their activation code, sent to their home by mail." Ah, a light at the end of the tunnel. Now all we have to do is get home, empty the mailbox, and we have the activation code that will activate our new device to access our account again. If you don't have a trusted person at home, you're pretty much screwed in a situation like this. On the other hand, it is of course important that after theft, access for unauthorized persons is not possible. With the phone call we want to test how flexible our bank is in such a situation. To say it in advance, very flexible. The whole procedure takes a long time, but that's not because of the bank, it's because of the poor Internet connection, but in the end access is restored.

Semidetached house near Mindelo, Cape Verde

In the meantime, after our blog entry last week, numerous people have contacted us. The sympathy has overwhelmed us, for which we thank you very much. In addition to the usual sayings, so after the motto "Who has the damage, mocks any description", there were also very many useful tips and good advice. Since the people, here in Cape Verde, approached us with a certain reserve and always friendly, we were not particularly aware of the danger. This may be naive, but it has to do with our basic attitude towards people in general. We think it is a pity that because of the behavior of individuals a false image, of the people of Cape Verde, is created. Although I was able to identify one of the perpetrators clearly on a photo, the police, after more than a week, has not yet been able to make a finding. This would be very important for the development of tourism in this region.

In any case, we will adjust our behavior even further. In addition to not carrying around any jewelry or conspicuous valuables, we will take further measures. There are two reasons why we do not want to do without our cell phones. On the one hand, we would like to be able to get help in case of an accident or other emergency, if possible, and on the other hand, the cell phone offers an alternative to expensive camera equipment to take photos and videos. But in the future we will take out the German SIM card and move only with the country-specific prepaid card suburb. Money, only the most necessary pocket, possibly do without things. Credit cards and passports will no longer be carried. The new procurement of the SIM cards, is only insignificantly after the activation of the bank account. The cards will not reach us on the Cape Verde Islands, because our next adventure, the Atlantic crossing, is coming soon. In the meantime, we spend most of our time preparing for this venture. It helps us to process what we have experienced and to get over the mistrust that has arisen. I have been observing the weather for more than a week. In the meantime, the situation has calmed down considerably, and the formation of so-called "tropical waves" has been greatly reduced. The shift of the convergence zone to the south has begun, so that we can sail a more southerly course than originally planned. All this helps us to minimize the risk of getting caught in a hurricane. Nevertheless, we have to be careful, as the season of tropical storms does not end until November.

Katinka in Mindelo

So it remains exciting and how it continues you will find out next week, in the same place, at the same time, on Until then, as always, fair winds and keep a stiff upper lip.