Alone Like a Rolling Stone

Let him who commits himself for ever

 It is already dark when we arrive from Grenada at the ferry terminal in Tyrell Bay, on Carriacou. The trip cannot be called successful, but at least we now have the hydraulic cooler from England in our hands. There is no sign of the screws and the receipt of the coppercoat is still uncertain. Tired and a bit disappointed we drag ourselves to our favorite restaurant and have a snack before we go back to the boat. 

Nighttrip to Carriacou

As usual, no work is done on the boat during our absence. Only evil tongues claim that this is a tactic of the marina to squeeze out a few more days of mooring fees. In fact, the work starts the next day. At first one stands in the way of the other, but finally they find a solution and at the end of the week at least the underwater hull is ready to be painted with Coppercoat. If only we already had the antifouling. It takes two to three weeks, and I called again to make sure that the Coppercoat has been ordered. We can't paint until the surface ship is finished anyway. This can still take some time, as the motivation of our painter is close to zero. As the saying goes, "Let him who commits himself for ever", but this can also be applied to other situations in life. I have a serious word with Mr. Gold'n, our painter. He's a nice guy, very communicative, and the work he's done on other boats is quite respectable. Unfortunately, his open nature makes him very susceptible to distractions, which always stalls the work. So far the extra cost is around $800 and it is foreseeable that it will be more.

Workingplace Katinka

Meanwhile our dear friends build us up morally again. The MariaNoa enters Tyrell Bay and we spend a wonderful afternoon on board. There is a lot to tell, after all, we have not seen each other since the Canary Islands in July 2021. It is all the nicer when we meet again and again on this trip and can exchange the different impressions. In doing so, we become aware of what one, in the relatively short time, has experienced everything. Recalling the memories, reliving what we have experienced, reviewing the journey so far, has a psychologically interesting component. The positive memories outweigh the negative ones and make it much easier to process the experience. We hope to see you again soon, next time on our floating home. The Lifestyle also continues to take care of us and supports us in word and deed. Tuesday is shopping day. We take a shared cab, for just over a euro, to Hillsborough. The town winds along the shore and has the typical Caribbean colorful painted houses.

Hillsborough Main Street

 We take a break at the Kayak Kafé to make up for our loss of fluids. I notice that men, for anatomical reasons, have a much higher fluid loss than women. Due to the larger skin surface, men transpire a lot more fluid, which is difficult to compensate for. In the experiment at the Kayak Kafé, I call it the KK study, Michael and I try to compensate for our above-mentioned fluid loss with five bottles. While the two ladies make it with two glasses, we men are still at the lower level. Due to time constraints, with slight pressure from the balanced party, we unfortunately have to stop the experiment. In this respect, this study cannot be used for scientific purposes. However, we will continue and also extend this, quite interesting study, in order to possibly be able to include ethnic differences in fluid balance. Michael, who knows God and the world here on the island, will put the groups together. I'm counting on him. Until that time comes, we continue to build on our boat and bring it step by step back into condition to be able to launch it. Like us, don't let it get you down and subscribe to the channel. We are happy to count you among our readers again next week and wish you always fair winds and keep a stiff upper lip.

Anchorage off Carriacou