Alone Like a Rolling Stone

Sanding come hell or high water

Sanding, sanding and sanding again, to prepare a boat for painting requires a lot of preparatory work. First of all, the old layers of paint have to be removed, then the underlying holes have to be filled with filler, unevenness has to be evened out, and in between the layers have to be sanded again and again. After the work has progressed more slowly in the last few weeks, I had a first word with our painter at the beginning of this week. Somehow I hit the right note and he took it to heart. Since then, he's been sanding away, filling and sanding, again and again. Meanwhile the primer is completely on one hull and half of it on the other. The actual primer is to be applied this week. This would be the basis for applying the paint next week. Once again we are excited. 

Katinka, Tyrell Bay Marina, Carriacou

Since the screws from the USA still haven't arrived and Monsterbolt doesn't even respond to my emails anymore, I started assembling the hydraulic drives with stainless steel screws. The strength is significantly lower, but in a pinch, the devil eats flies. In principle, the screws should do it and at least the installation works without problems. So the hydraulic system, including the drive, is ready to work again. As soon as the paint is applied, the only thing missing is the Coppercoat on the underwater hull. So we are a bit challenged this week and therefore don't get much time to meet our friends, let alone go for a walk with the dogs. 

Propeller Katinka

In spite of all the work we manage to go to the beach of L'Esterre Bay on Saturday. On the way back we get into an afterwork party at D&D Marine Supplies.
"Someone calls out to me, "Come over here and have a drink. Of course, I don't need to be told twice. Groups have formed in the courtyard and the boss has arranged for a few ladies to lighten the mood a bit. We are the only whites and are greeted, by most, with a smile. The boss pours us a rum, on the label I read something with 78%, and introduces Michael and me to the ladies. I sip the rum and almost get a coughing fit. Laughing, the boss pats me on the shoulders and fills up the cup with a pink liquid. This takes the edge off the rum, but the pappsweet liquid makes the drink almost undrinkable. I chat with the boss and he asks me how I find the women. "Nice" I say, which one I like most. I get the curve by telling him that I can not decide. 

Barakena, Carriacou

What must not be missing at such a party is the music and loudly. Finally, the neighbors have to hear that the boss is giving out. So from a man-high box from the garage reggae sound hammers over the L'Esterre Bay, that one can hardly communicate. At least Gaby is happy when the guests, after dusk, so slowly dissolve into thin air, we also say goodbye, and thank you again for the invitation. It's always amazing what you can experience on this small island. Following the sandy track, we reach, a few days later, the southwestern tip of Carriacou. The trees are covered with a red parasitic plant, forming a carpet that has spread over the treetops. The light from the setting sun enhances the appearance of being under a red toadstool and walking in a fairy tale forest. At any moment Little Red Riding Hood must be coming around the corner and behind her the big bad wolf, but it's just Astrid and Michael. Astrid without a red cap and Michael has too little hair for the bad wolf. Anyway, only a few people get lost in this corner of the island and that's why this place is so unique.

Southwest of Carriacou

We let the week end and are excited about what awaits us next week. As always, we are happy if you accompany us and wish you fair winds and keep a stiff upper lip.