Alone Like a Rolling Stone

Friends go, friends come

The big farewell round begins. After three months we have made some friends. Birgit invites us to dinner and we are excited to see her home. In the late afternoon, after a short rain shower, we arrive at her terrace. The house is slightly elevated on a slope, with a unique view of Tyrell Bay. Enjoying the sundowner here, through the thicket of plants, takes on a new meaning. 

Tyrell Bay

The apartment she occupies is small but nice. We felt right at home. The food was perfect and the red snapper tasted great. There were even chocolate cupcakes for dessert. We then said goodbye to Birgit in the Lambi Bar, hoping to see her again sometime. Andrea and Jörg are the next two who have grown close to our hearts. Jörg has a small workshop in Tyrell Bay next to Crazy Beach Corner and repairs practically everything. Andrea is in the charter business and sails up and down the Caribbean. We meet in their garden and spend our last evening with them in Tyrell Bay. I don't think it needs to be mentioned that the evening turned out to be a wet and merry one. The next morning we are ready to leave. We move to Sandy Island. Only 3.5 nautical miles and still in Carriacou. Before that we say goodbye to Alex. Astrid and Michael are busy with the sale of their boat, but we run into them again when we clear out. Just as you leave behind friends you gain new ones. 

Sandy Island

The Blue Horizon is moored off Sandy Island. The YouTuber with no less than 100,000 subscribers, helps us catch the mooring buoy. Later, we meet on the beach of Sandy Island and drink a beer together. The two are not only likeable in their videos, but are also extremely open and friendly in real life. Since we can't get their outboard running, we organize a tour to Jörg in Tyrell Bay, who gets it going again. In the process, we meet M Jambo, another YouTuber. With just under 41,000 subscribers, he is also one of the big names in the German long-distance scene. As a blogger, you're a bit overwhelmed when you see how many times a day the camera is pulled out and what's being filmed. In the long run, I think it's too exhausting for me, but it's very interesting and I learn a lot. M Jambo then moved the next morning even before Sandy Island, so that we formed with three German yachts, the preponderance.

Paradise Beach

Wednesday the 30.03.2022, after more than three months on Carriacou today is the last day. Tomorrow we will leave for Union Island, which belongs to St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The Blue Horizon also wants to leave for Martinique on Thursday, so we take the dinghy to the beach together and tackle the half-hour walk. On the way to Customs and Immigrations, we stop at the Health Center to have another anti-gene test done. For St. Vincent and the Grenadines you still need this test. The clearance goes smoothly and on the way back we buy something in the supermarket. We are now well prepared for Thursday and our departure. Well, not quite. As in some harbor basins, the one or the other long-distance crew, perpetuated on the harbor wall, with a painted picture, you can paint in the Paradise Beach Club, wooden signs, which are hung on the walls in the beach club. 

MariaNoa and Ka Ora were also already there.

We find this a good idea and do not want to leave Grenada without leaving our wooden sign. Together with Leonie and Thilo from the Blue Horizon and Martin from the Jambo, we paint our wooden boards and have a lot of fun. Among the already hung up signs we discover our friends from the MariaNoa and the Ka Ora. 

Wooden board painted

We spend the evening alone at a candlelight dinner. There is lobster and lamb. A really nice ending here in Carriacou. And again we say goodbye to won friends. Leonie and Thilo come on board for the last time before we leave for Union Island. 

Lobster and lamb 

They want to go to the Tobago Keys and then on to Martinique. We take it a bit easier and have a look at the Grenadines. Clifton on Union Island is our first stop. Here we clear in. Carriacou is already expensive, but here it is even more expensive. The beer costs in Carriacou 5EC, 246ml 1,70€, in Clifton it costs 9EC, so 3,06€. Well and unfortunately that's not just with the beer. Just mentioned by the way, in case you didn't notice, that was the call to visit us. Finally, someone has to compensate for this price jump. Anyway, a sailor friend said to us that the islands are getting more and more beautiful under the wind, to the north. We are curious and wish you until next week always fair winds and keep a stiff upper lip.