Alone Like a Rolling Stone

Pure nature on Aruba

For days, the wind indicator does not move below 20 knots, in the gust 30, sometimes 35 knots. The anchoring ground in Surf Side Beach is very good, and due to the shallow water, 30m of chain is quite enough. Nevertheless, I always have a queasy feeling. After I have held some days, because of too strong wind, on the boat anchor watch, I use the days, on which the wind blows only moderately, in order to look around me on the island a little. Stretching my legs is the keyword and therefore I make my way on foot to the Casibari Rock Formation. 5.5 kilometers are it to the stones.

Rock Casibari Rock Formation, Aruba

Via the districts Dakota, Barcelona and Meiveld I reach Casibari. The streets are dusty and again and again one must leave the sidewalk, because residents park their cars there. Beside maintained bungalows and single-family houses, I come also again and again at less maintained and with all stuff loaded properties past. From one of these properties a kind of Pit Bull attacks me. Only with effort I can keep the male dog at a distance. Again and again he snaps at me, his teeth making a terrible noise as they snap shut. I have always assumed that at some point, a poisonous snake or a wild animal in the jungle, will transport me to the eternal hunting grounds, that this should now be done by an ordinary pet, is simply repugnant to me. But my footsteps instill him with respect and after what feels like an eternity, he lets go of me. Not quite satisfied with himself, he turns around a few times and yelps after me. The adrenaline decreases again and I continue my walk. At the latest now I am glad to have firm shoes on. Not to think if this would have happened to me with flip flops. 

Cactus forests, Aruba

The house fronts are slowly thinning out and instead huge cactus forests are spreading. These spiky trees shoot up to five meters high and stand close to each other. It is impossible to get through here, so you have to walk around the outside. After a little more than an hour I reach the rocks of Casibari. As expected, the place is a tourist magnet. Numerous buses, open or such with air conditioning and all comfort, beside it in Aruba, popular beach buggies, stand on the generously, put on parking lot. Nevertheless, one can find quiet spots in the walled complex, since the common tourist concentrates only on the main attraction. He usually has no time for more, because he already has to go on to the next sight. Yes, package tourism can sometimes be quite stressful. The main attraction on the Casibari site is a large rock from which you have an excellent view over large parts of the island. Here it is important to choose a good timing and not to climb just when everyone is on top. In the meantime, as I said, you can look around at the quieter spots and find, for example, turquoise lizards that reach a remarkable size of half a meter and shine wonderfully in the sun. Who likes can scramble around between the rock blocks. Again and again steps are built in, which should make it easier to reach the top. Actually I wanted to climb the highest mountain in Aruba, but I can't find the access. On the Hooiberg one should be able to experience beautiful sunsets. Since one must overcome innumerable steps around, to reach the summit, the probability of meeting above not too many people is large. After dark clouds draw up and it begins to rain, I break off my search and shift the project to another time. 

Bucket Beer, Aruba

In Sandra's Garden, a Colombian bar, I first order a beer and then a burger. A young Colombian woman already knows me and puts a bucket with six bottles of beer and ice cubes on the table. She smiles at me and says "you can do that easy." I smile back and say, "sure." Quite the businesswomen, these Colombians. The burger arrives and I bite into it with relish. As usual, the sauce runs over my fingers, but I don't care, I just have to think about the pit bull and say to myself, "that's what you get for that now." All in all, a beautiful and eventful day that makes me want more. Let's see what I have in mind next. To keep you up to date, subscribe to the blog. I look forward to seeing you all next week. Until then, always fair winds and keep a stiff upper lip.

Anchor watch Surf Side Beach, Aruba