Alone Like a Rolling Stone

Visit on board

 The day is drawing to a close and I am standing in the arrivals hall of Aruba airport, which has cooled down to 20°C. Next to me is an Asian group of people with balloons, who expect just like me the KLM machine from Amsterdam. While I pass the time with my Twitter account, the Asian group, pictures with children, without children, with and without balloons are shot, the result on the cell phone viewed and loudly commented. I spent the whole day today preparing. First picked up the rental car, then had the gas bottle filled. In the afternoon, I quickly bought a few small things to be able to make a decent breakfast for my guest. A bit exhausted, I am now standing in front of the automatic door, which spits out the passengers of the KLM flight from Amsterdam one by one. Why do I know this so well? Aruba is a relatively small airport and the machines trundle in here in a very large distance. As a rule, one plane is handled after the other. It is very rare that two planes arrive at the same time. Outside it is still 29°C and I am quite happy to be able to stay a little in the air-conditioned hall. But Walle, Gaby's brother, is not long in coming. He pushes a huge suitcase in front of him and looks around the waiting people until he spots me. The suitcase is so big that it hardly fits into the trunk of the rental car. We make it somehow and are now again completely sweaty. Only a welcome beer at Sandra's helps.

A Bucket in Sandraz Bar

The evening is then once again escalated and so we find the movements, the next day, somewhat difficult. Of course, this has to do with the unspeakable heat and climate change. Connections with yesterday's stay in Sandraz Bar, are purely coincidental and there are no connections here. We pick ourselves up and make a trip to the northwest tip of Aruba. The California Lighthouse is located here and can be visited if you like. From the top you can enjoy a great view of the rough north coast of Aruba and the beautiful beaches in the west of the island. We stop at a snow-white beach and jump into the 28°C warm turquoise, crystal clear water. Walle dreams of staying longer, I, of what can be more beautiful. Ten US$ for two cans of Coke, at the beach bar, bring us back to reality. Nevertheless, we enjoy the view, sitting in two club chairs, in the shade of a palm tree, on the open sea. 

California lighthouse, Aruba

Relaxing on the beach

We escape back into our rental vehicle and let ourselves cool down to 18°C during the drive to the Casibari rock formation. That this was not such a good idea, we realize when we get out of the car, as the wall of over 30°C air temperature, literally slays us. Groaning and with heavy steps, we take one step after the other to climb the largest rock of Casibari, from where we have a magnificent panoramic view. We listen to a guide who gives his group background knowledge about Aruba. In the bar we drink our next Coke, this time for 3US$. There you go! When we reorder, the landlady comes to us quite embarrassed and says she made a mistake. The Coke does not cost 3US$ but only 2US$ and puts the next two cans, with an apologetic smile, in front of us on the table. I always notice that the people here are incredibly nice and open, which makes Aruba, apart from the prices, very friendly. 

Cactus forests around Casibari, Aruba

Slowly we get hungry. I remember from my last forays the Baby Bar & Grill, where there is plenty of good food. The bar is set up in Cuban style and has its own flair. Plus, as I said, it's a great place to eat. Quite tired we drag ourselves, in the evening, then still in Sandraz bar where we meet the owner, who then also gives us a beer. We would rather not have needed that today, but here again it shows how open-minded and nice people are towards strangers. Of course we accept the invitation and leave as soon as possible to the Katinka. 

Baby Bar & Grill Oranjestad, Aruba

Walle has brought his first day around and obviously still with the strains of the journey to fight. A rogue who thinks something else now. In any case, he should sleep well after today's tour. What we experience next week so everything and how we welcome Gaby in our midst, I tell you in the next blog. Until then, as always, fair winds and keep a stiff upper lip.

Dream beaches on the west coast of Aruba