Alone Like a Rolling Stone

Of Baden and Unsymbadic

Lukewarm, the evening air blows around our noses, night has fallen in the meantime and puts a soothing coolness on the skin. During the day you sweat a lot, because the humidity, here in Santa Marta, is quite high. If the night falls, it is not really cool, but at least you feel a difference, which in combination with the mild breeze, makes it pleasant to sit on the terrace and watch from above, the colorful hustle and bustle in Santa Marta. We study the menu while the pretty waitress waits patiently next to us until we have made our choice. Even though it is still hard for us to know exactly what we are ordering, the surprises are not as big as they were at the beginning of our stay. The waitress smiles at us compassionately and takes the order after we hint to her that we have made a decision. Afterwards we let our thoughts slide back to what we have experienced during the last week. 

Unsymbadic in Colombia

We found our boat again unharmed. Everything was in order, also thanks to our neighbors who were very prudent and looked after one thing or another in our absence. For example, the crew of the MariaNoa once emptied the dinghy because the drain got clogged and the crew of the Kokopelli took down our awning because it was very stormy one day. Thank you very much! There has been a lot going on in the marina this week. Three German crews arrived. The Adel made the beginning, followed by the Flip Flop and the Lady Blue. In the meantime, a rather large German group has formed. Horst, from the Lady Blue, we already know from Carriacou and the others we get to know little by little. For us this is a new experience. We always make acquaintances with other crews, but this is the first time we are in such a large community. This may be mainly due to the fact that our route planning and timing, does not always follow the classic planning. For example, in French Guyana we only met French yachts and from Guadeloupe to St. Kitts and Nevis we did not see a single German flag. 

Marina Santa Marta, Colombia

That is why we were spared to meet Badenser or as the Badenser, correctly calls himself, Badener in the three years we have been sailing now. Maybe I have to elaborate a bit now, but for those who do not live in Baden Württemberg, a certain explanation is necessary. Baden Württemberg is inhabited by two ethnic groups. The Badeners and - no, not the Württembergers - but the Swabians. The feuds between the two have their origin in the fact that at that time Baden was only allowed to call itself Grand Duchy, while in Württemberg they spoke of Kingdom. The whole thing was then fueled by the fact that the independence efforts of the Badeners were suppressed in the Baden Revolution of 1848, by conservative forces from Württemberg. Even after the Second World War, the Badeners and Württembergers were effectively separated. Through a referendum, in which the Swabians voted 90% and the Badeners 40%, for a reunification, came the renewed union. However, these things are long forgotten, yet in everyday life, the differences between the two ethnic groups crystallize again and again and often end in small jibes, so according to the motto, the one does not get along without the other. 

Baden, Swabia, Northern Lights and a Bavarian in Santa Marta

While the Swabian tends to be industrious and thrifty (the latter also in humor), the Badener is leisurely and enjoys pleasure. Malicious tongues claim that a Baden funeral is funnier than the humor at the Swabian Fasnet. Well, I can't make a judgment because I have never been to a Baden funeral. Nevertheless, I also have to listen to the saying again and again, there are Badische and Unsymbadische. So much for the background. So we meet the Baden crew Flip Flop for the first time abroad, so to speak on neutral ground. At first glance, completely normal people. Nevertheless, the Swabian is first of all a certain restraint. Admittedly with my origin, half Rhinelander, half Styrian, this characteristic is almost completely missing, but the Swabian part at my side, influences me here, not quite insignificant. Because of my origin, it is not immediately clear where I come from, while you can hear the "Sauschwoab" with Gaby imves as the Unsymbadische. From now on the teasing starts. Peter starts and says to me, "But you're not a swab either?" While I drink him in his absence, with his wife Petra, the beer on the flip flop empty. Somehow we found each other and it seems that it could be quite funny. We will see how it will end. In any case, the whole thing has potential for international understanding between the Badeners and the Swabians and would, at least in our case, end a 175-year feud in Baden Württemberg. 

The Flip Flop entering the marina, Santa Marta Columbia

The waitress brings dinner and we look contentedly into the night. Slowly we have to think about Panama, which is our next destination. How the whole thing develops and what else we experience the next week, you can read as always on our blog. Until then, we wish fair winds and keep a stiff upper lip.