Alone Like a Rolling Stone

Transfer Cruise from Portugal to Italy Part 3

Gibraltar was behind us and we drove along the Spanish south coast, the Costa del Sol. The weather had calmed down, but a light breeze was still coming from north-east so sailing was out of the question. The unfavorable weather conditions, if you can speak of it at all, because finally it was pleasantly warm, the sea was relatively calm and the wind moderate, so far away from unfavorable. Nevertheless, we were in a hurry because our friend Peter wanted to come with us in Mallorca and we were running out of days. Therefore, the landscape of the Costa del Sol, Costa Almeria and Costa Blanca passed by more or less undiscovered. However, we believe that this area does not deserve to be left so easy and we will return here later and explore the coast more closely. The goal is clear and means reach Mallorca until 29.08.. In the afternoon a bit more wind came up and our machine was again hard to work on, which ultimately resulted in fuel consumption. It was clear that we can't reach Mallorca on time under these conditions without a stopover. A gas station was needed. However, that was not so easy, because there are not too many possibilities between Cabo di Gata and Cartagena. At the trip preparation I had picked out possible harbors and anchorages and so the choice was Garrucha
Garrucha is located in the north of Andalusia. The coast here is not very densely populated, so there are only a few ports. The harbor complex has been expanded in recent years, the Google images on the Internet still show the old situation. At new bridges with water and electricity, which are secured by entrance doors, you can comfortably put on the side, because at least when we were there, a lot of space was available. The Marineros are very friendly and helpful. The cargo ships otherwise lying on the breakwater were not present due to repair work. Even otherwise, the harbor area made a very clean impression. However, the sanitary facilities are very provisional because they are still housed in containers. The harbor area really lives up in the evening.
Scores of restaurants and bars invite you to eat and drink. We stretched our legs for a while and made ourselves comfortable at Popeye in the Paseo del Malecon, just a little bit off the harbor. The restaurant is right on the street and there is always something to see. There are delicious fish and seafood. It was long after we had eaten our last Paella and so we ordered one with seafood. The innkeeper actually looked like Popeye and so we suspected the restaurant was nicknamed. The rice pan was delicious and the seafood plentiful. Satisfied, we wobbled with our sea legs again towards the harbor. Of course, the obligatory ice cream, as a dessert at Gaby not be missing and so we went on the way, in one of the numerous ice cream parlors.The hustle and bustle at the harbor was no longer heard on the Katinka, at least we fell asleep quickly and woke up late in the morning. It may be that we had to catch up a lot of sleep, but we believe that Garrucha is recommended, at least for a short stay. With wind conditions from north, north-east you lie calmly and surely. With 55 € the night, for a 12,40m Catamaran incl. electricity and water we were in good hands.The next morning, we transferred to the gas station to fill up our diesel tanks and then set course towards Mallorca.