Alone Like a Rolling Stone


In the last weeks there was a lot to do and the "To do list" is far from finished, but we are slowly developing into a cruising yacht. After we were advised to install a wind generator in addition to our solar system, the first question was where to go with the thing. Since Katinka has a backstay, the wind generator on both hulls comes into the enclosure with them. So there remains only further into the middle and thus on a stanlees steel arch. Unfortunately there is such a equipment carrier for our boat not standard to buy. So we had to do our own crafts again.

One week, cutting pipes to length, drilling, threading and finally assembling them, cost the whole operation. But it was worth it, with the new stanlees steel arch the existing davit was integrated and thus stiffened. So we have a safe storage place for our dinghi, which has arrived in the meantime.

The next step is the installation of the wind generator and the entire cabling. In addition a WIFI antenna is mounted on the device carrier. In the meantime the life raft and the EPIRB have arrived and are also waiting to get a fixed place on the boat. Somehow I have the feeling that the work is not getting any less and I slowly realize what it means to be a privateer, namely a lot of work but no money for it. At least that is so in my case. But now just don't moan but see that it goes on. In this sense "see you".