Alone Like a Rolling Stone

The day after

Sit here in our Business Apartment in Zurich and try to summarize the last days. After I had been working on the boat since the beginning of June and had installed various works such as the installation of the water maker or additional storage space in the form of two boxes, it was now my turn to definitively liquidate the still existing household in Switzerland in mid-July. I've become used to the fact that one wouldn't have liked to get to know so many contemporaries or comrades of the human species when dealing with the authorities, but this is not limited to the authorities.

You don't believe what kind of people you're dealing with when you dissolve a household. The used car market here in Switzerland is, I don't know how long already, completely in Arab hands. If you try to sell a car through a "serious" dealer, you'll only get a pitiful smile or you'll get a price that is similar to diving if you rise too fast, the formation of air bubbles in the blood produces, which inevitably to hyperventilate stimulate and let the undertaking stop abruptly. Inevitably, one is then in the next stage, still European, the Italian car salesman or in our case buyer. The Italian dealer is smart, always has a full-bosomed employee, who doesn't necessarily keep her charms behind the scenes, and remains non-binding throughout the entire sales talk. Always a little joke on his lips, his employee always smiling between us, he verbally disassembles the car and tries to get the most out of it. Sooner or later you realize that this is not the right option either. Now one has arrived at the first mentioned. It becomes oriental. To pre-empt it, also this is not an option only the last chance. For what is there actually Internet and if you trawl through it you will also find pages like "Pay maximum prices" or "We buy every car", "Pick up your car immediately" etc. etc... Since I am an optimistic person and despite low blows in my life still believe in the good in humans, well age-related not completely unrestricted any more, I immediately started to fill out the offer form. Amazed, I received a phone call after 10 minutes. "You want to sell car, what you want to have? I called the price and he asked me "What is your pain threshold? I also called it Him. „Must asked the boss" was the answer. Five minutes later he called again and said that he wanted to come by and that we would agree on the price. I agreed and it followed, when he arrived, a two-hour negotiation marathon. During this time, with the help of his boss, he had traded me down by 1250 francs. He calculated various, incomprehensible scenarios for me, which ultimately left him with a profit of 200 francs and he did not get up in the morning for so little money. Of course he didn't say the last one so clearly, but it was clear to hear. In short, we agreed on a sum that was clearly above the "serious trader" and insignificantly above the Italian variant. If you put everything together, you would probably have driven best with the Italian car dealer if you consider the effort, especially as the pretty blondie would have given me a coffee if I had agreed. The latter variant has the advantage that one gets the money directly cash on the hand. I am at least glad that one week before departure this chapter is closed.

After a few stressful weeks we slowly come to the end of our preparations. The move to Germany is finished, the boat is ready to go, the last vaccinations we received last week in Germany. What remained for everyone was a big suitcase and a backpack with which we say goodbye to our relatives in Austria and then move onto our catamaran Katinka.

42 days to go before the start

With this in mind
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