Alone Like a Rolling Stone

Ropes off!

Yes, we actually made it and thrown off the lines on 24.08.2019, for our big trip around the world. At 05:00 in the morning we started our adventure. The preparations were finished. Only the new International Boat Licence (IBS) from the ADAC, which was incorrectly sent to the old address, was still pending. After it was finally sent to our new home address it had to be forwarded by express to us in Loano. Such an express letter to Italy costs 4,70€, but what is said to have been express can probably not even answer the postal mail. The delivery took 10 days. After all, the German post managed to haul the letter within two days across the border to Italy and unfortunately the letter only had Express on it, which an Italian postman probably can't read. At least we knew where the letter was thanks to internet and tracking. So the letter went over the border to Milan, lay there for 3 days and then went to Turin. In Turin he took a break of 2 days and finally arrived in Genoa. After all, he had managed two thirds of the Italian way by then. But also here 2 days break were necessary. Finally he managed the last 70km in one day. I even dare to remember the time without computer and email when we sent postcards from our holidays as young kids, the postcards arrived later when we were back from our holidays. As I said, that was before the age of the Internet. Obviously the structures of the post office have remained on this stand, but then we received our letter and hold the new IBS in our hands. After all, everything must be in order. Last but not least, Gaby's birthday was on the agenda, which we celebrated the evening before our departure at La Plancha, a wonderful fish restaurant not far from our Katinka. Now we were ready to set sail.

The weather forecast predicted 15 to maximum 20 knots from the northwest. Ideal wind to master the first stage to Portofino. At the beginning we had 15 knots, in the harbour. On the sea it was 20 to 30 knots. At least from the right direction. After we got habituated to the swell after about one hour, we set sails. The main sail in the second reef and from the rolling genoa also only a small shred, we went there with 5 knots. This was all more amazing as the hull was full of incrustation of fouling matter due to the time we spent in the harbour. Unfortunately an unpleasant cross sea, which is to be found in the Gulf of Genoa quite often, made it quite difficult for us and with Gaby it did not stay out that she became seasick. For me that meant diet day again. No matter, I'm too fat anyway. In the afternoon the wind gradually calmed down and then turned at Cape Punta Chiappa to the east and then southeast and came towards us with 6 knots. So machine again on and the rest of the journey under engine up into the gulf of Tigullio where we searched a quiet place for anchoring near by Rapallo. The rest of the day was then announced to rest.

The next day, after breakfast, I squeezed myself into my too small wetsuit - I had already mentioned above that I am much too fat, the diet day helped nothing - and began to clean the hull with the spatula from vegetation. After two hours the first hull was finished. Those are the days where I would rather wish for a mono, because as you know a catamaran has two of these things, but you shouldn't exaggerate it immediately and so I decided to do the second hull the next day. In the evening we moved to Pedale, since the lady on board seemed the anchorage as much calmer. Unfortunately this is not the case and so we hope for a good weather window to be able to continue our journey.


If you can trust the weather report, Thursday would be a good day. We will see. Always a hand's width and keep your ears stiff.