Alone Like a Rolling Stone

Turn of the year

We wish all our readers, friends, relatives and interested people a successful and healthy year 2020 and thank you for your support, be it by sleeping in bed for one night or by encouraging us or even just by patting us on the back. Out there, one develops a fine feeling for nuances in life that some of us have lost due to our consumer society. So we are happy to have found a way to bring back this wonderful feeling. Some call it humility, for us it is simply the joy of life, the little pats on the back, the appreciative smile, the interested listening or as it is called in our digital world "Thumb up". We are beginning to understand the sailors who come back from a long journey and cannot stand it for long on land. Back to simplicity, back to life, feeling what is really important. We are very grateful for this insight and wish you all the best on your way.

Christmas Eve and the Christmas holidays we spent with cooking, eating, drinking, talking, sleeping - repeat. No, it wasn't quite that bad, but you need a good physical condition, similar to sailing, to get through a Christmas in the family. But the food, goulash, roast beef, lentils with spaetzle, to name just a few dishes, was not so important to us. Taking a dear person in our arms, giving him a hug, wishing him all the best and afterwards seeing the gratitude in his eyes made Christmas so great for us. Nevertheless, a few pounds had accumulated during these days and we decided to calm our bad conscience with a sauna day.


Has the advantage that you don't have to move so much while still getting back to the initial weight. Unfortunately only by water loss which one compensates afterwards again, but who wants to know that so exactly. Besides, the next celebration is already coming up, New Year's Eve is just around the corner and the cheese of the raclette can't be called "low carb food", although the cheese has only few carbohydrates but more fat. Raclette is a great thing, especially if you play it in a small group and with changed rules. We each had two "pans" at our disposal and so we did without the usual breaks until the cheese had run out again. Admittedly, more difficult conditions and not "Jedermann" cup of tea, but I'm not "Jedermann" and I'm not from Salzburg either, so I left the pitch with what felt like 20 pans, as the sovereign winner. The base was laid and the party could go on. The rest of the evening was fun, but was kept within limits, as we naturally felt a certain responsibility to the animals around us and completely refrained from the fireworks. But we could easily keep up, at least with the noise level of the neighborhood, which the Rotweiler of the house owner did not hold back with his opinion of the whole thing and expressed this impressively with loud barking. So it didn't make sense to go to bed early, because Amy was also very persistent. On top of that, Amy's excellent hearing made her look at a much larger neighborhood than we usually do. We tried it then at 3:00 am for the first time, which turned out to be too early. Unfortunately we can't reconstruct what happened in the first hours of the new decade, because we woke up at 12:00 o'clock in the morning, but obviously the same narrow-gauge heroes were at work as every year, who put themselves and others in danger again. On the other hand, a lot of people handle the fireworks with care, that it will probably be the same next year again. I feel especially sorry for the animals in the zoo, which not only felt fear this year, but also lost their lives in Krefeld. We hope that the monkeys, if already senseless, did not die for Nothing and that at least regionally something will change. For example, the bangers could be concentrated at one or more points in the city or on the outskirts of the city, which would then ensure a free field of fire, would also be easier for the Red Cross logistics.


For us it will start again next week. First we plan the first half year until we are back at the boat and bring it to water. The year 2020 will bring us through the Mediterranean to the Atlantic. In the beginning we will head south until we meet Sicily and then the main direction will be west. In spring we will enjoy one or the other pizza and in summer we will replace the dough cake with paella. The plan is to celebrate our next Christmas in Madeira. We will see. How we will make it through the next weeks and what we will do, we will tell you in the next blog. Until then, as always, Fair Winds and keep your ears stiff.