Alone Like a Rolling Stone

Travel in Corona times

Now it's getting uncomfortable says the blue Martian in front of me and holds a stick with a cotton ball in front of my nose. Dressed in a blue plastic suit, with a mask and plastic shield in front of his face, the doctor wants to take a sample for the PCR test. 120€ costs the test per nose. We can be glad that there are only two of us. First a throat swab, which almost makes you recall breakfast, and then another nose swab, which brings tears to your eyes. The doctor hands me a QR code and tells me that the test result can be retrieved via the code.

Redwood tree in Welzheim forest

Unfortunately, this is not sufficient, as the Spanish state would like to have the identity of the victim proven perfectly, i.e. the person, including passport number, must be found on the test result. In practice, this causes a huge chaos. Firstly, it is not possible to obtain the test result online in the form required by the Spanish government and secondly, the timing of the result cannot be guaranteed. To get the certificate a personal appearance is necessary, a sending by email, not possible. The doctor's receptionist emotionlessly rebounds the hint that we are paying 240€ for the test. The result is in a different system and can only be printed out. So much for the digitalization of Germany. Not to mention the CO2 footprint, driving another 50 kilometers by car through the area and cutting down another tree in the Amazon rainforest. That's no way to achieve the environmental goals, Mrs. Merkel! But the Minister of Health has other things to do at the moment. Corona vaccine get and the people to amuse stand with him in the first place. In the past, there was usually only one court jester, but now there is a whole horde in the government, so it's easy to lose sight of what's important. The next form proves that Germany is not alone with its court jesters. In order to be able to enter Spain, you need a QR code, which you can request 48 hours before entry, via a form at the Spanish health office. The form asks for a PCR test. So that no one makes the cross in the wrong place, there is a note in the form that the question can only be answered with "yes". Yes, some people simply have to be led by the hand to make a cross in the right place. Perhaps this would also be a procedure for the next election in Germany, otherwise there will be another fiasco like the last time.

Winter in Germany

Once you have received the result of the PCR test, the health form filled out correctly and the QR code, you can check in with the airline you trust and hope that the weather does not throw a spanner in the works. The PCR test must not be older than 72 hours when entering Spain. With a snow-covered runway and icy wings, a few hours delay can quickly occur. Relaxed travel is different, but we are not supposed to travel and stay at home. Only, our home is at the moment on La Palma and honestly, with 35 Corona infected, the island is clearly preferable to me than Germany, which alone in my hometown already has 40 infected.

Winter Hike

Despite all the circumstances, we hope to be back on our Katinka this weekend and continue our project. The last week, despite severe limitations, we were still able to attract some people's attention. The spare parts that we ordered and wanted to take with us have arrived except for one package. With the last package the Brexit has probably put a spoke in our wheel. Since we now know the customs procedures, we assume that the package, which has been on the road for 4 weeks, will not reach us in time. So we pack our bags again and say goodbye to our family, acquaintances and friends. How nice that we are on our Katinka, as far as digitalization is concerned, high-tech set up and the contact with our friends, can keep. Of course, anyone else can contact us if they have any questions about our project. We are looking forward to it and will be happy to answer any question if we can. In this sense, as always, fair winds and keep a stiff upper lip.