Alone Like a Rolling Stone

Bluewater cruisers are afraid of the water

 "Raindrops knocking on your window..." with the tango of Emil Palm, in my mind, I wake up in the morning in my bunk and squint up at the hatch. Raindrops block the far view and I am almost inclined to turn around again, but I get up and make myself a coffee first. The fact that no one can be seen on the jetties today confirms my opinion that long-distance sailors must be afraid of the water. It can't be because of the temperatures, we have after all 19°C air and water temperature.

Katinka in Santa Cruz de La Palma, Canary Islands

Time to take care of the autopilot, which needs a new firmware update. Actually, it is not the autopilot, but the network bridge that sends the data from the on-board network to the autopilot. With a SD-card the required file, which was sent to me via email, should be uploaded. Unfortunately, the SD drive of the computer, since my update to Windows10, is dead. So I try again on the Internet to find a suitable driver. I spend the whole day troubleshooting on the Internet. Countless forums I search and drivers I download, even the drivers on the homepage of the computer provider do not work and so I give up after a day of pointless searching. "Raindrops knocking on your window...". Now I have to buy a new computer. So I take the even older, infinitely slow, backup computer where, at least the SD card, is still recognized. Promptly it throws the error message, "An error occurred while reading the D:\ drive...". After five attempts to format the drive, it finally works and the file can be copied to the SD card. The rest then goes quickly and the file played back from the bridge confirms the successful transfer. "Let the sun into your heart...".

Katinka in Santa Cruz de La Palma, Canary Islands

The next morning I went to the emergency room in Santa Cruz. According to the hospital, I should be there again for a checkup. In addition, I still have to pay my outstanding bills, but the accounting department has a little difficulty and so I first take the control appointment. Again blood is taken and the doctor finds out that the thrombosis is still there. Like a junkie, I look forward to my evening heparin injections, which Gaby now administers professionally. Unfortunately, therefore, nothing comes of our departure to Tenerife. We extend our stay in the marina, wait for an ultrasound appointment and in the meantime get new glasses for Gaby or have the lenses in the existing frame replaced. All this is not very pleasant but not so bad, we feel, on La Palma in general and in Santa Cruz specifically, but quite comfortable. The Santa Cruz on Tenerife we can also still visit in two weeks. Every now and then, when there is a westerly wind, which is extremely rare here, we can see the Teide, and despite the almost 100 nautical miles between the islands, Tenerife seems close enough to touch. It would be a lie if the island did not excite us, but one thing at a time. 

Jetty Marina La Palma, Canary Islands

On a boat there is always something to do, whether it's laying cables, which involves tearing half the ship apart, or maintenance work, there are always at least five items on the to do list. Yes, and then there are the café visits. If you sit in a Viennese coffee house and look mischievously behind your newspaper, which you borrowed from the wardrobe to read, at the lady at the next table, it is much easier here in Santa Cruz. You sit at the table outside and the ladies and gentlemen stroll past you. There I guarantee for it, that becomes never boring. So we'll cure my aches and pains here, make the best of it, and when that's done, visit Tenerife next. Traditionally, we wish at this point, fair winds and keep a stiff upper lip.